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Quieting the High-Tech Luxury Home (WSJ Repost)

In my construction law practice, I've worked with acoustical engineers to soundproof noisy central air conditioning equipment concealed inside the wall of a client's residential apartment... But this is the first I've heard of hiring a noise consulantt to quiet the sound from electronic gadgets throughout the hi-tech home!

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Home Builder Sees ‘Solid Fundamentals’ Lifting Operations, Housing Market (WSJ Repost)

"Concerns about rising interest rates and construction costs have been offset by low unemployment and increasing wages, combined with short supply based on years of underproduction of new homes,” according to Lennar Corp. Executive Chairman Stuart Miller.

U.S. Commerce Department  data released Monday appears to confirm new home construction business outlook is improving:  May purchases of newly built single-family homes rose 6.7% from a month earlier, or 14.1% from a year ago.


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The Hottest Jeans Cost $2,000. Guess Where They Are Made? (WSJ Repost)

New York City? San Francisco (where Levi Strauss invented them)? ... The answer is Kuakashi, Japan.  This City's Kojima district was once a hub for manufacturing school uniforms, judo-wear and canvas sails.  Today, a small group of Japanese denim brands use the old hand-operated looms -- that produce less than a yard of fabric a day -- to manufacture hand-stitched jeans that fade and crease differently over time for each wearer.  Then the jeans are sold in select Japanese shops, New York

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